Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ward Camp Out

I am a little behind on blogging. I am trying to get caught up before we head out of town once again!

A couple of weekends ago, we headed up to Kamas to go camping with our ward. We were a little nervous because this was our first time camping with the boys. A major concern was the sleeping arrangements. Both of our boys are pretty high maintenance and have a hard time sleeping through the night if they are not in their own beds. So Rob and I decided to brave it and go with the expectation of being up most of the night. I made sure we were super prepared with a million layers of clothing and blankets. Another thing I did, hoping that it would help Wesley be excited about sleeping in a tent, was buy him his own Lightning McQueen air matress. Well...all of it worked! Our boys were angels and slept through the WHOLE night. Rob and I on the other hand didn't! We hadn't used our air matress in years and didn't check it before we left. We realized shortly after going to bed that it had a hole in it and we were practically sleeping on the cold hard ground within a few hours. We were also woken up in the middle of the night by a pack of coyotes! And I was a little terrified to shut my eyes again! Overall we slept better than expected and it got us really excited to take the boys camping next year!
Our ward activities committee is amazing and they planned a great camp out!!! Every one arrived around dinner time. We ate dinner and then had a Dutch Oven Cook-Off. Every one made delicious desserts...but my favorite had to be the Peach-Raspberry Cobbler! Delish! We ended the night with a great fireside by the campfire and hit the sack!

Wes showing me his cool flashlight

Two of my handsome boys!

Me and the Husband

Wesley all cozy in his new bed

The next morning, we were served a delicious breakfast! Then we got into teams and played some really fun games! I have to admit I wasn't really excited for the games, but our activities committee out did themselves and we all had a lot of fun!

Beckett being his silly self!

Wesley the goofball!

The men getting ready for the Shaving Cream/Trix game

Wesley got a kick out of throwing cereal at Uncle Brady's face!

Nearing the end...

The end result

Tyson representing our team in the Pie Eating Contest

The Cracker/Whistle Game

Rob took the lead in the first round of jump roping, but then got schooled by a 10 and 11 yr old!

Tyson keeping Beckett entertained

Me taking a victory for us in the Apple Sauce Chug


Gotta love the Spaz!!!

We had such a great time at the camp out! Thanks again to all those that made it happen!

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The Baker Family said...

How fun! Our ward is full of oldies, so we could never pull off a campout! I wish...