Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Beckett!!!

Yesterday our little Beckett Man turned 2! I can't believe how fast time is flying by when it comes to my little men! We had Beckett's party on Sunday night, since Rob had school on his actual birthday. We invited both of our families over for dinner and had cake and ice cream afterwards. Beckett was being so darn cute that day! He kept yelling "Opening presents!" and "thank you" in his cute little voice after each present. It was ADORABLE! We had a lot of fun and Beckett got SpOiLeD! Thanks to everyone for coming!

Here are some pictures from the party:

Me and the Birthday BOY

Rob's Mom with Baby Yoshi

This is my FAVORITE picture from the night...Beckett with Ty Ty

The Spaz and Mindy

The Wee Man playing with his balloons

Lynette and TJ

Brady and Jenny

Playing catch

The cake

Blowing out the candle (Look how cute his little lips are!)

The Lovebirds

I have no idea what this picture is all about!

Beckett with Grandpa and Grandma Beck

Playing hoops with Uncle Brady

Daddy and the Birthday BOY

On Beckett's actual birthday, I decided to take the boys swimming that night and invited some of our family to come with. The boys had a blast! I don't think I've seen bigger smiles on their faces in a LONG time!

Thanks to everyone for making Beckett's birthday special! (Now it's time to get corny) Beckett has truly brought so much joy into our lives! He is a sweet little boy and our family wouldn't be complete without him! His cute little smile and smirks put a smile on my face! I love that he always want to be held and snuggled with! Although he has his naughty moments here and there, it's extremely hard to stay mad at him! We feel extremely blessed to have Beckett be part of our family! Happy Birthday Beckett Man!!!


Mr. Robinson said...

Happy Birthday Beckett!! Im way sad we didn't go swimming. :( Beckett is the cutest kid!! He always makes me laugh especially when he runs into dishwashers, walls, balls...so funny!!

Mr. Robinson said...

It's Jamie not Mr. Robinson!!

Scott and Kourt said...

Happy Birthday Beckett! I can't believe how quickly time goes. You look beautiful Jill I can't wait to see you again;)