Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Longing for...


I can't stand this winter any longer! I honestly think I might have to check myself into the loony bin if I don't see some real sunshine and/or warmer weather soon. Is it just me or does this winter seem to be lasting FOREVER? I'm in a huge rut and I don't know how to get out. Normally I like to break up the late winter with a trip somewhere, but our lack of funds this year is preventing us for going anywhere. Well, until June anyways. We are trying to save every penny to take a trip to Chicago. Last year I took a girls trip to St. George in February and then ran the Canyonlands Half in Moab last March. It kept me from going stir crazy. I think another reason for my restlessness is that I'm not training for anything. No 5k, no 10k, no half. I'm still running on a regular basis and I've even bumped up my speed. But, I'm just not sure if I feel like running another half anytime soon. Running in these freezing temps is sure getting old!

Man, do I long for the warm days of spring spent watching my boys run endless laps around the backyard, or sliding down the slides at the park. I honestly can't wait for even hotter temps so we can spend many lazy days at the pool. Normally I am a bigger fan of winter than summer but as I've gotten older and now that I have kids, I'm becoming a huge fan of summer! There is NOTHING to do {with two energetic boys} in the freezing cold months of winter! Spring/Summer, please tell me you're out there! Until then, I am trying to stay positive and look for things to keep me motivated. Here are a few things in the next couple of months that I'm looking forward to:

1. Beckett's Birthday in March
2. Warmer running weather {Spring is my favorite time of year to run outside.}
3. General Conference
4. My Birthday in April
5. Possibly running the Salt Lake 5k with Rob in April
6. Easter {which brings Easter candy :) }

Here's to hoping that Spring will be here before we know it! If not, you'll probably find me at the Funny Farm!


We are the Mogles said...

Winter has always been my least favorite season! Sorry it's taking so long for you. Hopefully only a few more weeks before it starts warming up. St. George is a pretty short trip...maybe you should come visit me?!?

Scott and Kourt said...

Gotta Love Easter candy. Did you notice that cadbury mini eggs were sold at christmas? Totally in love. I can feel that warmer days are coming. Most likely followed with snow BUT Let's enjoy! I tried taking the kids outside in coats, hats the whole works thinking we have to get out. Yah we were stuck in the house for the next week sick. So I don't recommend that. We should get together again.

dede said...

I agree!! Maybe your post inspired the sunshine we felt today - can't wait for more :)