Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Salt Lake Half Marathon '11

{ The group from my ward that ran the race}

A couple of weeks ago I ran in the Salt Lake Half Marathon. I wasn't planning on running any half marathons this year, but two weeks before the race I decided to sign up. My two friends that I run with during the week had been planning on running the race for months. I decided even though I wasn't planning on it, I would continue to run the miles they were running. When we started hitting 10-11 miles on our longer runs, I decided what the heck! I might as well run it too. Signing up two weeks before race day was the perfect way to go! No stress or nervousness during any of my training runs, and by the time I signed up it was already time to start tapering. It was fabulous!
{Jessica, Me, and Cozette at the starting line}

I was all nerves once race day came! I was having knee and ankle pain earlier in the week and it totally freaked me out! So, I said a lot of prayers and hoped for the best! I normally don't set too many goals for races, but this time was a little different. I knew that I had increased in speed over the year, so I was really hoping to beat my best time of 2:21:54. Deep down I was really hoping to finish in under 2:10. I didn't really think that I could finish that quickly but decided it was worth a shot! When the gun went off at the starting line, the adrenaline was insane! There were so many people and it was difficult to find our normal pace. We were weaving in and out of people for the first few miles, but finally found a comfortable stride around mile 5. I decided to look at where we were pace wise and just before mile 5 our average was 8:45. I couldn't believe it! We had never ran that fast before. We decided to slow it down a little bit. I continued to feel good up until mile 8. That's when I started feeing sluggish, so around mile 8 1/2 we took a break and had our energy gu's. Shortly after starting back up again, I stepped in a crack and rolled my ankle. Luckily, I've had this happen MANY times and was able to keep going.

We hit Liberty Park and I was really starting to doubt myself. I always hit a wall between miles 10 and 11 and was nervous it was going to happen again. Luckily, they had cameras taking pictures as you were leaving the park, so naturally you try to look all gung ho and happy. Right after that happened, my energy gu kicked in and I felt a little bit of energy come back. I was mentally trying to prepare for the State Street stretch. Everyone had warned me that it was miserable! There is a short hill at the end that isn't fun to run after you've already ran 12 miles. Once we turned on State, all I could think about was the hill. We stopped at a water station {around mile 11.5} for a quick drink. I really felt that I needed to slow down if I was going to make it up the hill. I told Jessica and Cozette to continue on if they felt they could go faster than me. I fell behind a little bit and was a little disappointed in myself, but knew I could finish strong. I ran up that hill like I owned it! Once I turned on South Temple, I could see the Gateway where the race ended. I finished the last of my water and took off! It was so fun to see the crowds of people get thicker as you got closer to the finish line. As I rounded the corner into the Gateway, I began seeing friends there cheering me on. Shortly after was Rob and the boys, then my sisters and their families. I always get so emotional at the end and they gave me the boost I needed to finish strong! I have the best family and friends in the world!

{Waving to Rob and the boys in passing}

I crossed the finish line and hit stop on my timer. It read 2:03:03! {My actual time ended up being 2:02:34} I couldn't believe it! That is the fastest pace I have ever maintained for that many miles. My body and my training didn't let me down. I had such a runner's high!

{Our little family}

{My whole cheering squad}

{My first {and favorite} running partner Jess. Who is amazing and ran the race with only 2 weeks of training!}

I am so glad I decided to run the half. It was a great experience and one I hope to have again in the future. A special thanks to Rob! He is so supportive of my running. Always willing to help with the boys while I go out on my long runs. Not to mention, he puts up with my ornery self when I am beat and tired from running so many miles. I love you babe! You are my rock!

Later that afternoon we met up with my siblings and their families to celebrate the April birthdays. What a way to celebrate! We chowed down on some delicious grub at Cafe Rio! I was starving to say the least :)

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Congratulations! That time is amazing! Keep on runnin'