Monday, June 27, 2011

Chicago Trip Part I - Legoland

I've been wanting to blog about our AMAZING trip to Chicago for weeks, but I've been waiting to get pictures from my Dad. My sisters family was there visiting, so he was a little busy the past couple of weeks. I got them the other day, but now I have to sort through 800+ pictures! There were so many things I loved about Chicago, so I decided to break them up into multiple posts. It will probably take me until Christmas to finish!

The boys were so excited to fly on a big plane to go see Gma and Gpa!

We arrived in Chicago VERY late at night due to delayed flights from all of the tornados going on in the Midwest. My Dad has a video of the boys running down the terminal at the airport that I want to post, but I can't get it to work. Hopefully I will be able to post it later! Day one of our trip included packing up the rental car and heading out to Nauvoo. About a 5 hour drive from Chicago. But first we made a stop in the suburbs to meet one of my Mom's dear friends for lunch. After lunch we hit up Legoland Discovery! We thought it might be a good way to let the boys run around before being stuck in the car for hours. We had a pretty good time.


Einstein greeted you just inside the doors. His eyes was a little freaky

The first part of the museum included a Lego model of Chicago. It was pretty impressive!

This isn't even all of it. It continued around the corner.

The famous Navy Pier

Then you entered the Jungle...

Sister and Elder Beck with Indiana Jones!

They had big Legos...

and small Legos...

{This is one of my favorite pics of the whole trip!}

they even had a ride...
Loved the bathroom sign!

Next up...Nauvoo

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