Friday, November 2, 2007

Discovery Gateway

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Maren and I decided to take Wesley and her little boy Rowan to Discovery Gateway. Wesley and I had never been, and it was just after Wes started walking. I decided to just let him rome free since he hated being in his stroller. He had a blast!!! For two hours, Wesley and Rowan played and played and played! There is so much to do there, but Wes' favorites were the ball and water exhibits. We had so much fun that day, that I talked Rob into letting us get a membership there. So, yesterday we invited my friend Jessica, her son Carter, and her niece Avery to come with us. They had such a great time together! I took my camera and got a ton of cute pics. If any of you have little ones, I highly suggest getting a membership. It is so worth the money and a great place to go now that it's cold outside.

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