Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Ol' Cedar City

This past weekend, we all took a little road trip to Cedar City. My old roommates were having a little reunion. This was our first road trip as a family of four. I was SO nervous to drive 3 1/2 hours with two kids under two. I was pleasantly surprised! The kids did great! I think the main reason for Wesley being so good is that he got to watch The Incredibles the whole time. Beckett and I actually rode down to Cedar with our friends Tom and Meg. Rob had to work on Friday, so Wes and him came down after he got off work. But on the ride down and back, both of the kids did awesome! I am not so nervous now for our trips to Bear Lake this summer. Rob and I love visiting Cedar City. We have so many fond memories of that little town. That is where our story begins. Cheesy I know, but it's true.
It was so great to see all of my old roommates, their hubbies, and kids. It was a very relaxing weekend. We just hung out and got caught up on each others lives. Kourtney and Scott were so kind to open their house to all of us. It was really fun to watch all of our kids play together. They are all around the same age, and they all got a long great! Which doesn't really happen all that often with 2 yr olds. The only downside to the trip was that Wesley got the stomach flu. But he was a trooper and we still all had a great time. I'm so glad we were all able to go! Here are some pictures from our little trip. I would have posted them earlier, but I got the stomach flu yesterday and was pretty much in bed all day. Here is the whole clan The roomies Doesn't his smile just make your heart melt? Gorgeous Glowing Lis and her hubby Dave Meg and Tom and their daughter Lexy Rob, Kyle, and Kennedi Lis and Meg

Sweet Beckett Little Kennedi - aren't her cheeks the cutest? I wanted to eat them up the whole time! Wes glued to the Incredibles on the ride home Trying to keep the sun out of his face


Megan D. said...

Our daughter Lexy is our pride and joy. :) We really just had a great time seeing you guys. We will have to do it again soon...I want to play Bang too...that would be so fun.
I'm sorry you got sick that stinks. I hope you feel better.

Spencer said...

I too would like to say Meg and Tom must be proud of their daughter Lexy. It looks like it was a fun trip. Wesley looks like he had a good time watching the Incredibles. I too love that movie.

Andee said...

Fun! that's so great you guys still see each other. That inspires me to keep in touch with my wonderful friends from the Cedar days, like you!

J & T said...

Small world. Leanna Howe is in my ward now. We go on walks together sometimes. It looks like you guys had a fun get-away.

Scott and Kourt said...

That was so fun. You are on the ball girlfriend with being sick and getting these pictures up. Ya you are superwomen for sure. Thanks so much for coming up we loved it. Sorry about you being sick, I feel bad about that, Don't hate us for every