Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lost! If found...HUGE Reward!!!!

Tonight we suffered a tragic loss. We lost Wesley's favorite blanket (aka his "night night"). The picture above was taken of them together shortly after Wes was given the blanket and they have been together ever since. That was until their separation earlier this evening. My Mom's dear friend Char made Wes this blanket when he was a newborn. The night he got it, we wrapped him in it, and from that time on, he would only sleep if he was swaddled in that particular blanket. It went EVERYWHERE with us. He would throw the biggest tantrums if we had to wash it or forgot to bring it with us. Tonight we went out to dinner with my parents at the Cheesecake Factory. Wes' blanket was brought in with us, and I even remember Rob picking it up from the bench when we were seated at our table. We walked out to the car and noticed we didn't have it. Rob went back in and checked our table, asked our waitress and the hostess desk, but no one had seen it. I thought that Wes was going to go balistic when he realized we didn't have it. I called my Mom immediately and she was off to the fabric store to see if she could find something similar. As I am typing this, she is at home cutting and sewing away. What a great Grandma!!! Wes didn't even ask for it until we were putting him down for bed. I thought it was going to be rough, but he didn't even cry. Rob told him we didn't have it and he went right to bed. So, if any of you find Wesley's treasured "night night," please let us know. We will give you a HUGE reward!


Danielle&Lincoln said...

Jill that is so sad...And Wes totally looks like Beckett in that picture.

Spencer said...

It is amazing how a piece of material can bring so much comfort. To this day I can remember dragging my baby blanket everywhere. Once I got a little older I began using it as a superman cape. I hope your mom was able to closely redesign the blanket.

Andee said...

OH NO! The person who stole it will never love it as much as Wesley did. Yeah, he looks just like Beckett there. I was confused for a minute.