Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning was quite busy. The boys woke up at their usual time of 7 am! They were SO excited to find that Santa came and left them some presents. I had the video camera running while the boys opened up their presents and completely forgot to take any pictures with the camera :(. Beckett was so cute this year and squealed with every present. After we were done opening up presents at our house, we headed to Rob's parents for more present opening. The kids were being adorable! Especially our little nephew Yoshi! He was such a chatter box and loved having Rob read to him. Rob's parents were generous as always and we left with some great loot :)

The next stop was my sister Jenny's house for brunch. After the grub we opened up more presents and visited for a while. We even Skyped with my parents while they opened their gifts from us. We were missing them like crazy, and I'm pretty sure they were missing all of us as well! We were back at home and done with family stuff by 3pm that afternoon. That is a first for us. Normally we are go, go, go and never get back home until late in the evening. We decided to take advantage of the quiet afternoon and we layed down for some naps. It was delightful! After some much needed rest and a delicious dinner, we decided to take the boys to a movie. We went and saw Tangled and all four of us LOVED it! It was too cute! Afterwards we came home and it was straight to bed. The boys were exhausted from all the excitement. What a fun day!

This Christmas season was a real eye opener for me. I have never felt the true meaning of Christmas more in my life than I did this year. The Lord opened my eyes to all of the amazing tender mercies he gives to each one of us every day. Our family is extremely blessed to be surrounded by amazing family, friends, and neighbors! I honestly don't know what I would do without any of them. I was deeply touched by the service that was rendered to our family this year. I am grateful that my Father in Heaven has placed them in our lives. I am so grateful for the birth of our Savior! It really bothers me that Christmas has become so commercialized. Too many people focus on too many worldly things and it clouds our minds to what the Christmas season is all about. I made it a goal to also look toward Him during this time of year. He is the reason for the season and I hope and pray we will never forget that! A special thanks to all of those that made this Christmas special for our family {you know who you are!}.

Here is our Christmas day in pictures:

{Christmas morning at the Smith's}

{Christmas afternoon with the Beck's}

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The Baker Family said...

isn't christmas fun with kids??? looks like you had a blast!!!