Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas, New Year's, and colds, colds, colds!

We had such a great Christmas this year! Every year we spend Christmas Eve at my Grandparents house with all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. We always have a delicious dinner, followed by a short program (including all of us playing the chimes, which can be absolutely hysterical!), and then we all open gifts. It can get a little chaotic, but it is always a great time!

This is how we found Wesley Christmas morning. I have no idea how he got under there, because he can barely fit. His bed including the mattress is only a foot above the ground. I think he is a sleep walker. It made for a good laugh though!

Here is a picture of our family in our Christmas jammies. After getting Wesley something to eat, we went and opened the presents Santa brought him. He got a magnadoodle, marble castle tower set, and a fun microphone that plays music, sounds effects, and has a really cool flashing light. After we were done with Santa gifts, we headed over to Rob's parents house to open gifts with them. Here are some pictures of Christmas with the Smiths.

After opening gifts with the Smiths, we headed over to my parents house. We started with a delicious brunch, followed by opening a million presents! It usually takes a couple of hours to open presents with my family, because my mom makes us open gifts one at a time, youngest to oldest. She likes Christmas to last all day long! My niece Kendra is obsessed with Hanna Montana and got this wig from Santa. We thought Wes looked pretty cute in it too!

My parents definitely spoil us every year! Wes had a blast opening all of his presents. One of the first presents he opened was a Jazz jersey. We couldn't help but automatically put it on him. Here he is opening his new basketball hoop. He enjoyed playing on the box until we finally got around to putting it together a couple of days after Christmas. My parents also gave Wesley some clothes, a Tonka race track, and a really fun ball pit with over 100 balls. For those of you who know Wes, know that he is obsessed with balls. So, he was pretty much in heaven all day. We spent the rest of the day at my parents visiting and playing with all of our new toys. It was a great day overall!

This year was the year of games for Rob and I. Some of the games we got included: Bang, Bohnanza, Deluxe Scrabble, Settlers of Catan Seafarers expansion, and our new favorite Ticket to Ride. My parents also gave Rob gift cards to AE and Golf Galaxy, and Season 8 of Seinfeld. I gave Rob a new ipod, some cologne, and some gift cards.

Some of the gifts I was given was a super cute Mei Tai baby carrier from my parents, (which I cannot wait to try out!), they also gave me a really cute baby wipes container along with matching burp clothes. Rob gave me mineral makeup that I really really wanted, some perfume, and some other fun stuff! Below is a picture of my baby carrier, wipe case, and burp clothes.

Here are some more pictures of Wes playing with all of his new toys.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this. Wes put on my new slippers and walked up and down our hall. It was hilarious! He is such a funny boy. I'm sorry this is such a long post. I just wanted to mention a little bit about our New Year's. I failed to take any pictures, but we had a lot of fun. On New Year's Eve, we went out to dinner with some friends. We went to Johnny Carino's which is one of our favorites, but the service was not all that great that night. I was a little more understanding since it was New Years, but it was a little ridiculous! We sent Rob over early since we new it was going to be a long wait. The total wait was a little over an hour. We finally got seated at a table that had dirty bread plates on it. Then we got a waiter that seemed to be pretty new. I won't tell all about our experience, but one thing that really ticked us off is that we didn't have any silverware and asked to get some when we ordered. We probably waited over 20 minutes to finally get silverware. We had salads and couldn't even eat them for 15 minutes. Our waiter kept saying that he couldn't find any. I've had to wait a long time for food, but never for silverware! After dinner we came back to our house and played games until after 1 am. It was a great night! We had a blast with our friends.

The only downside to our Christmas and New Year's festivities was that we all got sick! It started with my mom the week before Christmas. Then my brother and I got it right before Christmas. Then Rob, Wes, and my two sisters got it a couple of days after Christmas, and to top it all Dad was really sick yesterday! Even though we were all sick, it didn't put too big of a damper on our holidays. We did have a few sleepless nights with Wes waking up every couple of hours. But over all we had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope all of you had the same!

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Brandon and Charley said...

Well, I'm glad you got your computer working again! Wow, you guys sure did get spoiled! Looks like you had a great Christmas and a fun New Years!