Monday, January 14, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Well, I thought I would give you an update on my pregnancy since I haven't really mentioned it while blogging. I am almost 31 weeks along! I can hardly believe it. My sister Jenny asked me today if I have taken any belly pictures this pregnancy, and I had to admit that I hadn't. Not because I haven't wanted to, mainly I just haven't gotten around to it. I really didn't take many pictures throughout my pregnancy with Wesley either. I did however do a maternity photo shoot when I was about 31 weeks along with Wesley. I was a little hesitant, but I actually loved the way the pictures turned out. This pregnancy has been completely different than my first. Besides having horrific morning sickness this time around, I have felt really really good! I have been exercising this whole pregnancy, which I think has made a huge difference. With Wesley, I was already extremely uncomfortable starting at 24 weeks. I had a pinched nerve in my back and Wesley moved up into my ribs really early on. I am now just starting to feel uncomfortable. If I sit for a long time, my tailbone kills, and I am really tired but other than that I feel extremely great! Not to mention, I have only gained about half of the weight I gained with Wes. (Which was my goal this time around!) I also think I am carrying a lot lower than I did the first time, but that's just my own opinion. I can hardly believe we will have another baby in about 9 weeks! I am so excited to have a newborn in the house again. They are heaven sent! I am not excited however to have a newborn + a toddler in the house. Especially since Wes is becoming more of a terror each and every day. But I'm sure after a little adjusting, we will figure it all out.

Above is a picture of my big belly today. 30 1/2 weeks
(Sorry it's blurry! I took the picture myself.)
Me - 31 weeks along with Wesley


The Nye's said...

You look so good!!! I really can't believe you are due that soon. That's awesome! Just to put your mind at ease - the todler and newborn thing hasn't been as hard as I was anticipating. We have our days, but overall it's wonderful!!

Angelique said...

You look so good- i love your cute belly! Even smaller than the first time- that is amazing. I got bigger with each pregnancy. Hard to believe that my twin pregnancy was my smallest. :O)

I love my jeans, but i need to get them hemmed to fit my short you know anyone that would do a great job on that?

Andee said...

Jill, you look great. It was fun to see you guys for a minute. Little Wesley always brings a smile to my face! Thanks again for the costume. It was a big hit.

Clark's said...

I forgot to tell you, you look so flippin' good. I hope that i follow in your footsteps next time around!