Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Power of Faith

The past couple of days have probably been the worse days of my life! It started on Monday night as Rob was in the backyard with Wesley and the two dogs (She-ra and my brother's dog). Rob was outside cooking our dinner on the BBQ. I had just gotten home and Rob mentioned to me that we really needed to get covers for our window wells. A few minutes later, I was inside preparing the rest of dinner when I heard Wes screaming. I ran outside to see Rob standing in the window well pulling Wes out. I was horrified at what I saw. Wesley's head was bleeding and this misshaped bulge over his eye. Rob and I started panicking wondering what to do. We decided to rush him to the ER. The 5 minute drive to Jordan Valley hospital was probably the longest drive of my LIFE! The whole time I was praying that Wesley's head was ok and that he wouldn't suffer any permanent damage. Once we got to the ER, they took a CT scan and some xrays. Wesley was hysterical! They had to strap him to a board and put him in a straight jacket to keep him from moving. They also taped his head down, which he was not happy about. But he was very alert and knew who we were and kept talking to us.

After the CT scan and xrays, Rob and my Dad gave Wesley a Priesthood blessing. The nurse came in awhile later and told us that Wesley had fractured his skull. According to her, it started at his forehead, went through the eye socket, and down into the base of the skull. She told us there was no bleeding in the brain, but they were thinking about transferring him to Primary Children's so a neurosurgeon could look at him. They transferred him by ambulance. Rob rode with him, while I ran home to grab a few things. By the time they got there, Wesley's eye had completely swollen shut. They had a trauma team ready for him when they got there and took more xrays and pried his eye open to examine it. On my way up to the hospital, I started having contractions and was so worried that I was going into labor. Wouldn't that have been perfect timing? An hour after getting to the hospital, my contractions stopped and they admitted Wesley. That night was a very sleepless night. Nurses would come in every 1-2 hours to wake him up to make sure he was responsive and to take his vitals. Wesley was such a trooper! He hardly cried or complained. He was actually being his normal cute and funny self.

The next morning, Wesley was seen by an ENT and an Ophthalmologist to see if there was any damage to those organs. The exam by the Ophthalmologist was torturous! I had to leave because I couldn't stand to hear Wes cry. Both examines went really well. There wasn't any damage that they could see. We were then told that the radiologists were still examining the CT scans to see how bad the fracture actually was. We waited all day, hearing nothing. Wesley still continued to be a trooper. He started to get restless as the day went on, but continued to be entertaining! Later that evening, the ENTs came back, along with the Trauma doctor. They informed us that there actually wasn't a fracture. The lines that JV hospital had believed to be a fracture, were actually his skull still fusing together. The only injury Wesley had was the hematoma on his face and head. We couldn't believe it! We were terrified that Wes was going to deal with long term effects from this accident, but it turned out to be nothing serious at all! He was so lucky that there wasn't any damage to any other body part. They had us stay another night in the hospital just as a precautionary. Wesley came home this morning and is doing great!

What a traumatic couple of days! We feel so blessed that Wesley is ok and finally home! I truly have faith in the power of the priesthood. I know that because Wesley was given a blessing the night of the accident, he is ok and there is no permanent damage. I know that our prayers were answered! We feel so blessed to have wonderful family, friends, and neighbors that have taken care of us during this tragedy! Thank you all for your love and support!

I know these pictures are kind of scary looking, but some people have asked to see them. I wish we would have taken a picture of his head shortly after his fall, but I could barely look at it myself. This picture was taken shorthly after I arrived at Primary Children's. What a good sport!
Here is Wes kicking back, eating a graham cracker and watching Finding Nemo.
Here he is on the way home from the hospital, all tuckered out! His eye is looking so much better! It is a lot more bruised, but the swelling has almost gone down completely.


Brandon and Charley said...

Oh my heck! I am so sorry, I had no idea! If there is anything we can do, let us know. We would love to bring you guys dinner, just tell us the day and we'll be there. Wes sure is a trooper! If you need anything, let me know, I'm serious!

brookiebaby said...

Oh Honey! What a horrible few days! I'm sooooo glad that it ended okay. And I'm especially glad that you didn't go into labor!!! I think that things happen like this to make us remember to rely on faith and the power of priesthood blessings!!! Wow! Take care! I hope that things can get back to normal (as much as possible) before your next trip to the hospital comes!
Call me if I can do anything! or if you need to talk!

.... from my heart said...

Jill I am so glad you posted about this. I was in the dark with everything, TJ is not the best for letting me know things when it comes to details. Anyways I am so sorry this happened to Wesley he looks really good. I have been so worried for you guys. I am glad everything is going to be allright. I love you guys.

Spencer said...

Jill, I am so sorry. Too bad I did not know you were at Primary Children's. I was at work Sunday-Wednesday this week. But then again you probably did not know that I worked there. I am glad to hear that everything went okay.

Andee said...

You're right, his eye looks a lot better now. What a blessing that there was no permanent damage. I would have been a wreck, and being so pregnant would just make it harder. Oh my goodness! Back to the hospital in a few days!

CoReY JeSsIcA CoLiN said...

Holy cow Jill. I am so sorry. Isn't it the most awful thing to have to see your child stuck in a hospital bed undergoing test after test after test? I am so glad that everything is working out!

Jenny and Brett Borg said...

oh my gosh Jill! I am glad to hear that everything is OK, besides his battle wound! I can't imagine what you were going through! I hope everything else in your life goes well until your new little man arrives!