Friday, March 7, 2008

Still no baby!

So, I am really getting anxious! I think the "waiting game" is the second worst part of having a baby. The first being morning sickness. And Wesley coming two weeks early has really thrown me for a loop! I am now past my two week mark and I just want this baby out of me!!! I am having really hard, painful braxton hicks contractions every day. And when more than a couple come right after another I think "this is it! I know it!" But then they stop. I didn't have any contractions with Wesley until the day I went into labor. Why do the two pregnancies have to be so different? It is driving me crazy! At my doctor's appointment on Monday, I had only progressed to 2 cm and 70 % effaced. I think I have become a fan of not being checked. It just makes me depressed. My doctor asked if I wanted to be started if the baby didn't come by my 39 week appointment. I first told him no, but now I am really contemplating it. If this baby continues to feel like he is going to fall out at any moment, I just might give in and take the pitocin (sp?). My sister Jenny has been forcing me to take belly shots. We took one two weeks ago, and I couldn't believe how big I was! Then we took one the other night, and I don't think I grew any, but Jenny disagrees. I will let you decide. 36 weeks

38 weeks

I think I look a little bigger in this one because she is zoomed in a little bit. It was just a coincidence that I was wearing the same thing. I only have about 3-4 shirts that still fit!


brookiebaby said...

One thing is for sure, you sure make a cute pregnant lady! :) Soooo cute! :) Hang in there! :)
I'm thinking of ya! :)

Spencer said... took me a couple weeks to find your blog. I tried google and could not find it that way. Finally it dawned on me to check facebook. I have linked your blog to ours. By the way, congratulations on the upcoming baby. I think you only look bigger because of the zoom as well. In fact, that is what I was thinking when I saw it before I read you comment under it.

Melain said...

OMG, INDUCE ALREADY! There's no shame in it. I induced my last two and the labors were as delightful as any round trip to hell and back could possibly be. Either way I hope everything goes smoothly. I'll peek back in on you to see pictures of your lil' martian.

BestWishes from a stranger.

The Nye's said...

Oh Jill, hang in there! It's so tough. You look like a babe! I think you must have secretely taken those pictures months ago but said that you were 38 weeks because you look awesome! It's not fair that you look that good. I didn't look that good at 20 weeks!!