Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Anyone want a FREE dog???

I am so close to giving our Jack Russell away! She-ra has turned into the most disobedient dog these past few months! She chews and destroys anything plastic she can get her little paws on. Her favorites include Wesley's sippy cups and bottle nipples. Her secret hiding places are underneath the baby's crib and Wesley's bed. A couple of weeks ago we deep cleaned the baby's room and underneath the crib were tons and tons of She-ra treasures. It's a little ridiculous! Also, if we accidently leave a dirty diaper lying around, she finds it and shreds it. I am going balistic! And today to top it all off...she decided to poo downstairs in the tv room. That's not the worst part though, I hadn't noticed it and all of a sudden Wes was walking funny and whining. Yep, you guessed it! He stepped in it and got poo all over the cream colored carpet! I about died! I almost killed She-ra right there and then. She either has to go back to a training class, or she has to go. I am so afraid for how she is going to act when the new baby comes. So...if anyone is looking for a dog, you can have OURS!!!


brookiebaby said...

oh Sad! Maybe she's craving attention, because she can sense that there will soon be a big change in the household, and that's why she's being naughty! I would take her in a second, but I think both Ryan AND Nino would kill me! :) But one the plus side, I'm so glad we're keeping in touch via blog! Hang in there! :) And keep us all posted on the big arrival when it comes! I mean I want you blogging in the delivery room! Ha Ha!

The Nye's said...

I am so sorry!! I don't think I'll be brave enough to take a dog on for many, many years. Good Luck!