Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It took FOREVER...but it's finally finished!!

After living in our house for almost a year and a half, our guest bathroom is finally finished! I can't believe we have been such slackers! Well, actually...I can. After spending the two and a half weeks painting most of our house before we moved in, I didn't want to look at a can of paint or a paint brush EVER again! But, there were projects that I really wanted finished before baby #2 came and this was one of them. I am actually really proud of Rob and I. We had about 8 or 9 things on a "Things to do before the baby comes" list and we have completed all but one of them. Hopefully we can finish the last one this weekend. We spent this last Saturday painting all of the baseboards and door frames on our main level (which has needed to be done since we moved in), and painted the final coats in the bathroom. I have been so sore the past few days from kneeling, bending, and standing! But it feels so good to get these projects out of the way. I made a new list the other day for things I want to get done before the new baby's blessing. I'm sure Rob will be thrilled! Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product:


brookiebaby said...


brookiebaby said...

OOps. Okay, I love your bathroom! SOOO cute! You're a busy little woman! And, my vote is either for Beckett or Maddox. My cousin's little boy is named Maddox and I just think that it is so cute! Or you could do Beckham like the soccerplayer! :) ha ha

brookiebaby said...

Hi Jill!
So, I can't find where the option for my blog....I'm so not blog savy yet! Also, keep me posted on baby #2!!!! YAY!

Danielle&Lincoln said...

I freckin' love your bathroom, and you have got the cuttest blog background. i need help in that department