Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Wesley!!!!

Two years ago today, our little Wes man was born. I can't believe how fast he has grown in a year! Time certainly flies when you're having fun. I remember having "the talk" with Rob about having another baby on Wesley's first birthday. And another year has passed and Wes is turning 2 and we have a 3 1/2 month old baby. Crazy how life turns out! We can't image life without Wesley. He is our little comedian. He makes us laugh every day! He has the cutest personality. And not to mention he is really smart too! Everyone used to make fun of his big head, but I used to tell them he just had a really big brain. And it's true, he surprises me everyday with how smart he is. He picks up on EVERYTHING! I have to start watching what I say. Wesley has truly blessed our lives! He is such a wonderful little man. I'm excited to see the man he grows up to be. I will have to post some pictures from his birthday party later this week.

Here are some fun pictures of Wesley from this past year.

On his 1st birthday

Jammin out on his piano
Halloween Thanksgiving Killer boots man!
At the park At primary children's in the trauma room Kicking back watching Finding Nemo in the hospital
I love this kid! Happy Birthday Bugaboo!


Regan & Annie Duckworth said...

What a stud. He is seriously so cute.

Joey and Stacia said...

Happy Birthday Wesley! I can't believe that two years ago Noah, Logan and I played hooky from church and came to see Wes in the hospital. And now I have Hadley. It truely is crazy how fast kids grow up. I love seeing how my kids are growing too! I love seeing how funny Wes is in all the cute pictures you take of him. Hope that he had a great Birthday and I'm looking forward to seeing his birthday pictures.

Juliana said...

cute blog jill! your kids are sure cute and growing big!
love always,

The Fresh Pearl said...

Happy Birthday Wes and thanks for inviting us to your party. Rowan had way too much fun! He loved helping open your presents too! Rowie just loves you...your his bestest bud.