Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a week!

My patience has definitely been tested in this last week. I am not loving the "terrible two" stage. I thought Wes was already a troublemaker...but then he turned 2. His birthday was only a couple of weeks ago, and he has already done multiple things that make me want to rip my hair out. It started on Monday night when we started getting the boys ready for bed. Rob started getting the bath ready for Wesley as I was getting pjs for Beckett. I came back into our room and could see Wes sitting in the tub with his shirt on. I called out to Rob (who I thought was in the bathroom with Wesley), and asked him why he left Wes' shirt on. I soon found out that Rob wasn't in the room and Wesley was sitting in the tub completely dressed. He just couldn't wait for us to get him undressed to get in the bath. Rob and I actually found this pretty funny, and ran to grab the camera. I was just a little irritated that his clothes and diapers were soaking wet. What a funny kid!

Then on Tuesday, we had just gotten home from the gym and I sat down to nurse Beckett. Wes sounded like he was playing in living room. No biggie, I thought. Then a few minutes later he comes running down the hall and stops in the doorway. He was holding out his hands which I could clearly see had something gooey all over them. I asked him what he had on his hands and he smiled and took off down the hall. I decided I better get up and see what he got into. I walk into the living room as steam started to come out my ears. He somehow got a hold of our laundry detergent and had dumped it out all over the carpet. He had then dipped his hands in it and decided to finger paint my couches with it. I was SO livid! I didn't know what to do at that moment and realized I had a screaming hungry baby in the other room. So I pulled Wes into the room with me and shut the door so I could finish feeding Beckett without Wes getting into more trouble or making more of a mess. After feeding Beckett, I tried cleaning up the mess. With no luck I called my sister Jenny to see if she had any suggestions. Of course she did, and I was able to talk Rob into coming home for lunch and helping me clean up the mess. Our handy neighbor Ross came to the rescue and let us borrow his shop vac. The only positive thing that came out of it was that our house smelled flower fresh for the next couple of days. Sorry no pictures of the beautiful mess. I was too angry. I still haven't figured out how he got a hold of the detergent. We either keep it on top of the dryer or in the cupboard above the washer. And he hadn't pushed anything over to climb up. But I have come to realize that you can never put anything past a 2 yr old.

You'd think his shenanigans had stopped there, but oh no. On Friday I was in the shower and Wes decided he wanted to play in the water. Not just any water, but the toilet water. I got out of the shower and the floor was soaking wet and the plunger was sitting in the toilet. I wanted to scream! He usually is so good and watches one of his shows and plays with his toys while I have 5 mins to myself to shower. I was just glad Beckett was napping in his crib and didn't get a toilet bath from his older brother. Luckily Rob got off work at 11 am on Friday so I didn't go completely crazy. We actually ended the hellish week on a fun note. Rob and I have seriously been contemplating on a way to save some money on gas since prices have sky rocketed. We decided to find an alternative way for him to travel to work. Check out his sweet new ride!

We shopped around all week and we decided to buy this sweet scooter. And I just want to make one thing clear: I DID NOT PICK OUT THE COLOR! That would be Rob's choice. There was a cute shiny red one just like this one, but Rob wanted the pink one with flowers. Let's just say he is very secure with his masculinity. No one believes me, but hosestly Rob wants to drive this bad boy to work every day. I can't wait to hear what his co-workers say about him. Rob was calling it his "hog" and I said "Honey, it's not a hog, it's more like Miss Piggy!" I followed him home from the dealership and could not stop laughing the whole way home. I would have to say the highlight was when he waved at a couple of motorcylists on the way home and they didn't wave back. Everyone that passed him had a smirk on their face. It was HILARIOUS! But on a serious note, our sweet little scooter will save us a ton on gas! It costs $5 to fill up and gets 105 mpg! Rob's work is only 7 miles away, so it's not like he will be driving it across the valley. We are pretty excited about our purchase.

If anyone wants to come over and take it for a spin...feel free! She's a sweet little ride!


Regan & Annie Duckworth said...

What a fun way to end your eventful week. Cleaning soap/detergent off of anything is quite the chore. What a mischievous child.

Andee said...

Oh my goodness I love that! Rob is hilarious. I hope I see him on the street some time. :)
I'm sorry it sounded like you were having some more two troubles today. I'm a little nervous for that stage. I love Wesley, what a character getting in the tub with his clothes on. Love it!

Melissa and Ben said... vespa... I don't know what to say about that. Rob is tad, over-confident, I suppose. It is all those pink shirts and ties you forced him to wear; stripped him of his manliness. Go ahead and growl at me ROB! hehehe

Megan D. said...

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! I love it. I want one of those for sure...Wes sounds like a little troublemaker, but I couldn't help but chuckle...:) Let's hang out, I know we keep saying that, but let's do it for real. I think we will be moving more south in a little we will be closer! :)

Bree and Addi said...

I Love Your Stories! But they scare me! Addi is already a HANDFUL! I'm starting to understand the phrase patience is a virtue! How are you guys doing? Other than the laundry soap incident? How's your mom and dad? And Jenny?