Monday, June 22, 2009

A little behind...

So, I'm a little behind in blogging. My half marathon took up a lot of my time and I forgot to blog about some fun events that happened at the beginning of June. So the next couple of posts will be about old events.
First the beginning of June, when we actually had some nice weather and not monsoon weather, we went swimming at Daybreak with my good friend Maren and her sweet kids. We had such a great time! The boys had a blast and me and Maren had a great time chatting. We went swimming at a splash pool that is perfect for little ones. We didn't have to worry about our kids drowning and Wesley had a blast jumping in without a life jacket. Here are some cute pics from that day.

We also took the boys to the water fountains at the Gateway for the first time this year. I forgot my camera the first time, which was a major bummer because Beckett was HILARIOUS!!! He kept squealing like a little girl and ran around like crazy. We then took Rob back a couple of days later with our friends and it turned out to be overcast and a little chilly and the boys weren't as daring. It was still fun and I got a couple of fun pictures. Both Wesley and Beckett LOVE water! They both can't get enough. They freak out when it's bath time and never want to get out. They would live in the tub or swimming pool. I love that they are that makes summer a blast!

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The Fresh Pearl said...

Love that pic of Lia! Too funny! We will have to go swimming again soon. Maybe next week. Let me know what day works for you guys. Rowan is in preschool Tues and Thurs.