Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fun filled Conference Weekend

This weekend was a ton-o-fun! Not only was it Conference weekend, it was also filled with a lot of fun activities. On Friday, we went with our friends, the Arbuckles to Red Robin for dinner. To my surprise, Wesley was well behaved during dinner. Maybe because him and Carter were entertained by their Dads teaching them how to blow the straw wrappers at each other. After dinner we headed to Hollywood Connection to take the boys on some fun rides. I was interested to see how Wesley would do, but he had a blast! The only ride he was scared of was the Crazy Bus. It was nice to sit and visit with Jessica, while our husbands played with the boys. Beckett was really good and slept pretty much the whole night.

On Saturday, we spent most of the day at home watching General Conference. It was really neat to sustain our Prophet and Apostles in the Solemn Assembly that morning. I love to listen to all the general authorities. Conference always gives me a spiritual boost! I especially loved the talk by Elder Ballard on Sunday afternoon. We have a conference tradition that I love. While the men go to Priesthood session, us ladies (+ the kids) go to Leatherby's for a delicious dinner, and then the men meet us afterwards for ice cream. If you have never been, Leatherby's has the best ice cream in Utah! My fav is the Tracy's Peanut Butter Cup sundae. It is to die for! Then on Sunday morning, we always go over to my parent's house to watch conference and have a delicious Brunch! It was such a great weekend! But I am definitely looking forward to this weekend as well.

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The Steele's said...

Jill! Hello!! This is Amanda (Alder) Steele! I am so excited that you got Mel to BLOG! Now that I know that you are a blogger too, may I add you to my friends?? I would LOVE to keep track of you!! It's great to be in contact again! You look FABUlOUS!