Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quarter of a Century

Saturday was my 25th birthday. I honestly can't believe that I am a quarter of a century old. I definitely don't feel 25. But then I look at my life and what I have accomplished, and it makes sense. The only real significance to this birthday, is that I can now rent a car and not be charged extra. My birthday this year was actually one of the best birthdays I have ever had! I love having my birthday on the weekend, because then you can celebrate ALL weekend long. We started the birthday festivities on Friday night. We went to dinner with my whole fam for my birthday and my sister Heather's birthday (which was today). We went to Robintino's which is my favorite restaurant. Heather and I take turns choosing the place and this year was my turn. We had a great time and the food was DELICIOUS!

Then on Saturday, Rob and I took the boys to the Zoo. It was such a beautiful day! It started out a little chilly, but warmed up as the day went on. It was fun to see Wesley's reactions. He loved going last year, but was even more into the animals this year. The highlight of the day was the Tiger. Every time we went last year the tiger was ALWAYS sleeping. Well this time, we got there just as he woke up to grab a drink. Then he went right back up to his shaded area and fell back a sleep. We caught him just at the right time. Wes' favorite part was probably the penguins. They were entertaining. That night my Mom was kind enough to watch both of the boys while Rob and I went out on a date. It was our first kid-free date since Beckett was born. We had such a great time! We thought about going to Vegas, but instead grabbed dinner at Pei Wei and then went and saw "Leatherheads." It was a pretty fun movie. We liked it. Today we went to my parents to our weekly Sunday dinner, but my Mom made all of Heather's favorites, which were mine too. We topped off the weekend with birthday pie. What a great birthday weekend! I want to thank my family again for all the great gifts! And another Happy 32nd Birthday to Heather!

I tried to post some pictures from this weekend, but for some reason Blogger was having issues. I will try and post them tomorrow!


Brandon and Charley said...

Happy Birthday Jill!

brookiebaby said...

Happy 25th, Jill!!!! :)
it's all down hill from here! ha ha! Soooo kidding! i love ya!

Maren and Loren said...

Happy Birthday Jill! We will have to celebrate with lunch this week. My treat!

Melissa and Ben said...

Happy Birthday Jillyan! I am sorry I didn't call you but it looks like you were way busy. I can't believe we are that old either. Aren't we still 22?