Friday, April 18, 2008


I/Wesley was tagged awhile ago and I'm just getting around to it. I thought this was a pretty cute tag. It's actually a kid tag. The way this one works is you are supposed to write 8 facts about your child. Here we go!

Wesley Robert Smith
(aka Wes, Lil' Man, Stink Bug, and Bugaboo)

1. Wesley is almost 22 months old and definitely acts his age! He wants to do everything his way or no way. He loves to push my buttons. He can be so sweet and other times a complete terror! But we love him always!

2. He loves to dance! Put on any one of his favorite songs (Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape or Hey Ya by Outkast) and he goes crazy! It is the cutest thing ever!

3. He is our little Parrot. He has been since he was about 9 months old. He can and will repeat anything we say. He probably said 10- 15 words by his first birthday, and now probably knows 100+ words. Our favorite saying at the moment is: "Are you kidding me? Huh?" It is hilarious! The story behind him learning it is pretty hilarious as well.

4. He is obsessed with the movie Finding Nemo. I blame it all on my parents. We used to watch it 2-4 times a day. We tried getting him hooked on The Bee movie, and it worked for about a week. But then it was back to Nemo. It was the first thing he would ask for in the morning. He maybe only watches it a couple of times a week now.

5. Wesley's favorite foods are: Quesadillas, Chicken Nuggets and French Fries, Mac & Cheese, and any type of fruit. (Healthy I know!)

6. He has the funniest personality! He has since day one. He is always cracking us up with his little sayings and actions. He keeps me entertained every single day.

7. He loves to sing. Especially primary songs. I would always sing "I am a Child of God" when he was fussy as a baby and he would always calm down. Now we sing it with him every night before he goes to bed. Another one of his favorites is "Popcorn Popping."

8. He loves to play with his two best buddies, Rowie and Carter.

Now we are tagging Rowie, Rigby, Joshy, and Katelyn.


Andee said...

I Loved reading about Wes! What a funny kid. Man, I hope Josh is good a talker. How fun to have a little mimmick. Love ya! ps I think we have a toy of yours.

brookiebaby said...

What a cutie! How's life with two little ones???? I'm sure you're keeping busy!

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