Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little Man starts Preschool

All ready for school!
(And thanks to this picture, I found two little hand print smudges on my wall, which are not seen by the naked eye!)
Wesley started preschool today. I can hardly believe it! I have been anticipating this day for the past year. But now that it's here, I can honestly say I am a little sad about it. I am really excited to have a break for a couple of hours two times a week, but I am also sad that my little man is growing up so fast! Why does time fly by faster and faster as the years go on? Today wasn't too depressing, it was just an orientation day and I stayed with Wes the whole time. I think I will definitely have a harder time on Monday when I leave him all by himself!
Wesley listening intently!
(Thanks to Dede for this adorable picture and the one below it!)

Wesley and his friend Chase

I have to admit, I am a little frightened for Wesley's teacher. He seemed to have more energy than the rest of the kids in his class, and even managed to break something in the hour we were there (oops!). I'm just praying that after class on Monday she won't hand him over and tell me he is no longer welcome! I might be exagerating a little bit...but he is quite the handful sometimes!

Wesley coloring the outline I made of him

It was a fun morning! All the kids were being so cute! Some of them were more shy and hesitant, while others were excited and more out going. (I bet you can guess which category Wesley falls in!) I hope Wesley has a great first year of preschool! He is already one smart cookie and I can't wait to see what else he learns.


Brandon and Charley said...

Oh my, he is getting so big!!! I can't believe he is in pre-school!

Mogle Family said...

How exciting, and kind of sad too! It's crazy how fast they grow. Good luck. I am sure he is going to LOVE it!!!!!

dede said...

he will do great and she will love him! He just has that lovable factor! Chase was confusing his brothers all night by telling him that he went to school with Wesley (they can be kinda slow sometimes!)! I think it is going to be a fun year!

Blass Family said...

It really is so much fun to see all the new things they learn everyday when they go to preschool, but I totally feel you in the bitter sweet department. My little boy starts KINDERGARTEN and Iam in denial about it. :) but Sky was the one with all the energy like Wes and I kept asking his teacher "is he NORMAL? Do all the other kids act "crazy" like him" She kept reasuring me that he was just like the other BOYS! Anyways good luck with everything, the new chapter you are entering in with him is lots of fun! :)

Scott and Kourt said...

Wow i can't believe that he has laready started preschool that is awesome. Go Wesley.