Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wesley turns 5!

Wesley turned 5 back on July 1st. I can't believe my little guy is already 5 years old and will be starting Kindergarten here in the next few weeks! These past 5 years have flown by! It has been so fun to watch him grow and learn. He is quite the smarty pants and I just know he'll love school. We practically celebrated this lucky duck's birthday all weekend long!

Opening up his beloved Wii. I'm starting to regret that purchase!

Then we were off to Lagoon for the entire day! We took my niece Kendra and her friend Nicole. Kendra's birthday is the day after Wes' and so she wanted to join in on the celebration. We met up with my friend Jess and her two little boys as well, and then Rob came up after work. It was an exhausting day of fun!

I love this picture!

A week after Wesley's birthday we had some of his friends over for a party. I took Wesley to the party store to pick out a theme and he decided on Super Mario. Too bad when I went back to buy stuff for the party, they were out of EVERYTHING! {Except for a pinata}

The Toad Pinata

My attempt at Toad Cupcakes. They look a little girly to me!

The kids played on the slip -n- slide,

jumped on the tramp,

and played some water games.

I know I took a lot more pinata pictures but for some reason this one of Elyse is the only one I could find.

opening presents

I think the kids had a good time. I know I was exhausted by the time it was over!

We are so grateful to have Wesley in our lives! He is definitely my hard child and we tend to butt heads A LOT! {I think it's because we are so much alike} But I can't imagine life without this kid! He has such a crazy personality and keeps us laughing our heads off. He is such a goofball and I love him with all of my heart! Here are some of Wesley's favorites:

Favorites at 5

Food: Quesadillas {Asks for one at every meal!}
Drink: Apple Juice
Snack: Fruit Snacks
Color: Pink
TV show: The Avengers
Thing to Do: Play the Wii or Go to Lagoon

Happy Birthday to my Bugaboo!

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