Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Enjoying Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the cooler temps, the beautiful colors, and the fun holidays that go along with it! Although I was feeling pretty icky through most of September and part of October, we still tried to take advantage of all the fun activities!

We took advantage of the warm weather and went to Frightmares at Lagoon one Saturday.

We bought the boys frosty's on the way home and this was the end result:

We went over to Rob's parents for our annual jack-o-lantern pizza and pumpkin carving night.

Beckett was all smiles as he dug his hand in to pull out the pumpkin guts...

He wasn't really a fan.
So Dad took over.
{This is a classic Rob concentration face. Tongue out and all!}

This is what Wesley did while we carved his pumpkin...

Our finished pumpkins:

We went to Gardner Village {twice} to see the Witches! Once with our good friend Nikki and the other time with our friends Mike and Trisha. The boys loved seeing all the crazy witches! The one below was probably their favorite.

When we went with Mike and Trisha, the ponies were out and the boys begged for a ride. Beckett's smile was priceless!

One thing we missed out on this year was our annual visit to Cornbelly's. The month turned crazy and we just plainly ran out of time. I guess there is always next year!


The Call's said...

I am dying at Becketts pumpkin guts face! So cute!

nikki said...

Such a cute family! I love all their silly faces they pull:)