Friday, August 1, 2008

Cute Videos

At times, Wesley can be a nice big brother to Beckett. Beckett absolutely adores his older brother. Anytime Wesley comes into the room, Beckett gives him the biggest grin. Everytime Wesley does patty cake for Beckett, he is all grins!

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I had to post this video as well. The other day in the car, this is what I heard. Wesley has been able to count to ten for quite some time, but usually he would alternate numbers with me. This was the first time he counted to ten all by himself! He surprises me every day!

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Nikki said...

Lil wes is soo big. He sounds differet too! Thats sooo cute

The Fresh Pearl said...

Such a smart boy! He is so cute and we just love Wes alot. I just had to laugh yesterday watching him be a litle dare devil at Kangaroo Zoo. He was just jumping and rolling and just lovin being crazy. He makes me laugh.

Thanks for being concerned. My back actually feels good today. Im so suprised. Usually it lasts alot longer. You wont guess what happened when I was driving home yesterday. I found a two year old boy walking on 6200 south alone. I stopped and called 911 and waited for the police to come. They took him and called family services so they could help find his home. He was totally lost and looked neglected. Maybe I was suppose to go home for a reason. You never know.


Megan D. said...

That is some cute counting and patty caking. You guys are a cute family! We had a great time last night. Thanks again for having us over. Talk to you soon.

Kyle and Jamie said...

Your boys are seriously cute!! i am so excited to be close to you guys!! We are going to hang out! I owe you a quarter!!