Monday, October 6, 2008

Going Pro at the age of 2!

Recently, Wesley has been obsessed with golf. He honestly can't get enough. A couple of months ago we were at my parents unloading the car after a trip to Bear Lake, and my Dad made the huge mistake of allowing Wes to play with one of his golf clubs. So, every time we went over to my parents, he had to play with one of "Papa's toys." He was very particular in which golf club he wanted to play with. He started out with the putter, moved up to a wedge, and now he will only play with the biggest driver my Dad has. He became so obsessed that my Dad so kindly gave Wesley one of his old drivers to take home. And Rob and I were so thrilled with my Dad that day. That is just what we wanted...our tornado 2 yr old to have a driver all to himself. The whole way home Rob explained to Wesley that Papa's club had to stay outside at all times. Wesley has gotten pretty good at hitting the ball. We have been completely impressed with how coordinated he is with all sports. He can even hit a ball with a baseball bat when we throw it to him. But golf seems to be his favorite. I'm sure he makes both of his Grandpas proud. We took this video of Wes a couple of weeks ago. He is one funny kid.

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The Fresh Pearl said...

I must say he IS pretty good. He was wacking the ball pretty far at my house yesterday. Tell him when he gos Pro.... to not forget us:) We would love free tickets to see him play:)


Andee said...

That is so cute! That would be Rob's dream for Josh to be obsessed with golf. Go Wes!

Scott and Kourt said...

That was too cute. Coop would love to play with him. Cute family.Hey I have had your website on my blog I hope that is ok. I hope to hear from you soon.

Karah said...

That is impressive! And to hit a moving ball with a bat - I can't even do that!