Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My little man is MoBiLe!!!

That's right...Beckett is officially crawling! He isn't very fast, but he is definitely mobile. It is so crazy to me how fast he is growing up! He just learned to completely sit up a little over a month ago and now he is crawling. He also pulls himself up in his crib. I think it is definitely time to pull out the baby gates and baby proof the house again!

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Here is another cute video of Wesley and Beckett. Beckett is definitely Wesley's BIGGEST fan. Wesley can get Beckett laughing harder than anyone else can. I sure hope that these boys are really close as they grow older.

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dede said...

your videos are SO cute - love the laughing one (and I am sorry he is already crawling - would have been nice if he waited until after the tree is down!)

Nikki said...

I love just that laugh it always makes me smile. Love u guys

Kyle and Jamie said...

Your kids are so cute!! It's so crazy how fast kids grow up!! We need to get together soon..give me a call when you can!

Megan D. said...

Oh man Jill. They are so cute. We need to hang out again soon. :)