Sunday, February 22, 2009

A day at the Park

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Utah! It was a sunny day and the temperture almost reached 50! I went for my long run first thing in the morning. I didn't even layer up very much and by the end of my run I was in a short sleeved shirt. When I got home, I suggested to Rob that we take advantage of the nice day and take the boys to the park after lunch. The boys had such a great time. It is times like this when I wish Beckett was walking. He wanted to get down and play so badly. He did go for his first swing ride and down a couple of slides with Daddy. And of course we had to drag Wesley to the car when we left. The park is one of his favorite places and he could play there all day if we let him. Yesterday gave me a mad case of spring fever! I can't wait for the weather to warm up. Hopefully spring will come sooner than later! Here are some fun pictures from yesterday:


Mike said...

You have such a great little family! I think it is so fun that you guys are always at the park or the zoo or doing any number of things to stay out of the house and have a good time!

dede said...

ahhh sun!!! your pictures are great (I love park pictures!) - I just made the kids play outside while I cleaned (not quite the same!)! You guys did AWESOME on your talks - I got a lot out of them (I even cleaned Bill's side of the bed when I got home!!)!

The Fresh Pearl said...

Ive got a case of the FEVA too! I even got some sun on my face during my Saturday run! It was a beautiful day! Cant wait for more! How are you guys? We miss you!