Thursday, November 6, 2008

I heart Chick-fil-a

There are some of you that know of my great LOVE for Chickfila, but there are others out there that have no idea. So today this post is completely dedicated to my all time favorite fast food restaurant. In honor of the grand opening of a brand new restaurant 5 mins from my house. I absolutely love everything about Chickfila. I am a regular there. My friend Maren and I go at least once a week, but usually I eat there 2-3 times a week. There are many reasons that I heart Chickfila. Here are a few:

1. They are the yummiest and healthiest fast food place around! (Honestly!) Even their chicken nuggets are healthier than any other chicken nuggets out there. My fave: The Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich with a salad instead of fries.

2. They have by far, the best customer service! When you say thank you, it is company policy for them to say "my pleasure." It's a little cheesy, but I feel like I'm at a nice sit down restaurant, not a fast food place.

3. They bring you yummy butter mints around to your table! And that's not all...if you sit there long enough, they will "refresh" your drink for you. For those of you that don't speak fancy talk, that means they refill your drinks. And on good days, they bring around free samples of their ice cream, and today they had samples of their chicken minis from their breakfast menu.

4. They have the cleanest restaurant, bathrooms, and playland! I don't have any hesitation letting my kids play in their playland like I do at other places like McDonalds. I have personally witnessed them cleaning their playland multiple times. Their bathrooms are really nice and I rarely ever sit at a table that hasn't been wiped down clean.

And the list doesn't end there. I wasn't planning on going to the grand opening today, but my lunch plans got changed a little bit, due to my poor sister that got pneumonia. My other sister Jenny suggested that we go to Chickfila. We got there at the perfect time, there weren't many people there. To give you an example of their great customer service, I will explain how our trip went. We walked in and I went straight over to find a table by the playland. As I was taking Beckett out of his seat, a cute older worker came over and started talking to me. Of course he first started with telling me how adorable my baby was, and then he offered to go get me a high chair while I went and ordered. As I was ordering, the cute man came up behind me and told me he would help me with my tray. After ordering I carried Beckett and my drinks over to the condiment counter. I had 2 employees offer to help me carry my drinks to my table. I assured them I could handle it. As I was walking to my table, I had yet another employee offer to help me. I again assured him that I had it. As we ate lunch, many employees (including the managers and the owner), came by and asked how everything was and offered to get us anything we needed. They came around giving all the kids balloons and hats. We were given refills, mints, and free samples. We even had our trays picked up and thrown away for us. And as we were leaving, we were handed some coupons and the boys were given cute little stuffed cows. Is that great service or what? And it isn't only like that on opening day, every time I go there I get treated just the same.
So, if any of you are craving their delicious chicken and are looking for someone to go with...feel free to give me a call! Most likely I will already be there, or will be up for going!


dede said...

it is my favorite too! I can't wait for the grand opening crowd to die down (although it sounds like it wasn't too bad today!)! We are up for a chick-fil-a playdate anytime!!

The Fresh Pearl said...

Im so glad you posted about our favorite spot! All I can say is "ditto"

Oh yeah....whens our next lunch date?


Jenny and Brett said...

Chick-fil-a is our fav too! Brett and I usually go there on our date nights. Is that pathetic? I love their butter mints and always ask for extra if I go through the drive thru and they always say "my pleasure" instead of yes and I love it :) I didn't know they opened one near you guys though, that's awesome!!

Megan D. said...

Oh man. I am with you. I love Chick-fil-A. I used to go there all the time in the mall and I just love it. I will have to give you a ring. Maybe before we go see Twilight we can all go there first. :) See you soon hopefully!

Danielle&Lincoln said...

YOU are so funny, I think that I vote that your best post!!! You are classic. I vote next time we go to lunch that is where we go!