Sunday, November 16, 2008

Picture Tag

Tag...I'm it! Thanks Dede :) This tag has been done on a lot of blogs recently, but I think it's a fun one. In your pictures folder, you go to the fourth folder and post the fourth picture.

Let me explain the picture a little bit. This was taken on Rob's birthday in 2004. We were recently married and living in Cedar City. I decided to have a party for him at the bowling alley. And anyone who knew us back then, knows that we HAD to get tatoos when we went bowling. Cedar's bowling alley is one of the most run down, ghetto fabulous bowling alley's around! And yes...we were major dorks! But we always had a good time.

Now I tag : Maren, Meg, Brooke, Lexy, and Cowgirl! I don't think any of you have done this tag. If so, sorry!


Andee said...

Yes! The bowling alley! I LOVE this pictures. What fun memories! Oh remember how I told you guys you should date? :):)
Thanks again for the cute gift. It totally made my day and I needed that. You're the best!

dede said...

love the picture and the story behind it - thanks for playing!!

Melissa and Ben said...

HAH! The bowling tattoos. I don't think you guys could bowl without them. Man, I miss Cedar sometimes! I am planning to crash your pearl party. It will so good to see you.

Danielle&Lincoln said...

That is a darling picture.