Thursday, November 13, 2008

Palmyra Part I - Palmyra Temple and Hill Cumorah

Well, we're back to blogging about our trip. I hope you aren't too bored with hearing about it. I have already talked about our visit to the Palmyra Temple, but I don't think I've posted any pictures. We visited the Hill Cumorah on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. They have a really nice visitor's center there. After going on a little tour, we took the hike up to the top. It was quite a hike...especially in my heels! The view from the hill was spectaculor!


Dunstan Family said...

I found your website off of Heidi Anderson Brown. We went to elementary school together I believe. John C Freemont. I just wanted to tell you you have a beautiful family. I am not sure you will remember me but my name is Dollie. I love the palmyra temple.

Brandon and Charley said...

Oh what a fun trip you must have had! Brandon and I loved the Palmyra temple. We did sealings their for some of his family, it was amazing! We love the family-feel you get when you go to the small temples! We also went in May before the Palmyra pageant so there were not many other people there. Our favorite part was the window! The workers told us they call the window that overlooks the Sacred Grove "President Hinckley's window" because he required that window to be included when they built the temple. WOW! Okay, I want to go back now! How fun!